Automotive blow mold

Automotive blow mold

We only do one thing, that is, how to make the mold well, we hire good engineers, we train excellent employees, and formulate strict standards, just to simplify the complex mold structure and let you out in the production process. The chance of failure is minimized,
We modularize the production process, make parts and standardize it, and do our best to save costs, so that you can minimize the cost of purchasing molds.
We research and compare various plastic materials to tell you the best option when you need it.
We are located in the hometown of Huangyan Mould, with more abundant supporting resources and obvious advantages of industrial clustering

The company is strong

More than ten years of experience in blow mold production and sales
● Long-term commitment to blow mold production, blow mold production, blow molding processing.
● A production-oriented enterprise specializing in the development and processing of bottle blowing molds and blow molding molds. With more than ten years of experience in blow molding mold research and development and process, it has a good grasp and predictability of new product development and processing control.

Automotive blow mold Case Show

Our factory is speciality in manufacturing Auto Mould,Commodity Mould,Crate Mould,Table Mould,Chair Mould,Tub Mould,SMC Mould,Compression Mould...