FRP Mould Supplier

We are currently focusing on the research and development and production of FRP molds and the processing and production of related products. Has a professional CNC computer processing center, CNC carving, EDM, wire cutting and other mold finishing equipment. It has a technical team of professional 3D designers, three-coordinate point measuring personnel, and quality supervisors, and has established a complete production management system and quality management system. In line with the concept of being professional, refined and strong, we will continue to innovate and improve with professional people doing professional things and based on a professional management system.

Quality Control
As a mold company with superior quality, we have a strong management and quality inspection team, from the 3D drawing of the mold to the first mold trial, we have very strict analysis and quality control.
3D design
After receiving the customer's product design, the project manager will immediately convene all relevant technical personnel to analyze its shortcomings and problems that may be encountered during the processing. For example, the demolding slope, strength, plastic filling, deformation, wall thickness, skin texture, etc. are analyzed. After these discussions, a mold flow analysis is carried out, and if there are any problems, the customer will be contacted immediately and provide solutions or suggestions.

FRP Mould Case Show

Our factory is speciality in manufacturing Auto Mould,Commodity Mould,Crate Mould,Table Mould,Chair Mould,Tub Mould,SMC Mould,Compression Mould...