How To Make Insert Molding

2019/8/1 9:28:50

The Insert Molding metals and plastics are inserted into the molded part together, or multiple metals or materials are molded together into a single molding part. We sometimes call metal insert molding.

Insert Molding (moulding) is commonly used in automotive, cooking appliances, household equipment, instruments, equipment, knobs, electronic component and other industries. Insert molding not only reduces assembly and labor costs, but also is better than assembly, reducing size and part weight, Improve the reliability of parts, and improve the strength and structure of parts, enhance the design flexibility.

Why Choose China?

China produces more than 90% of the world’s molding insert parts , mainly because of the low cost of labor and high quality control, but also because China can assemble all the end parts and ship them to you.

We specialize in plastic mold manufacturing and plastic molding for more than 20 years. we have a strong engineering, mold manufacturing team, quality control production.

Regardless of normal molding, 2k injection molding, insert molding (moulding) , medical requirements plastic moulding, or the automotive industry, we can keep your project running smoothly from start to finish.

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