Mould Design


Diguang Mould has a group of competitive molding designers who can design 3D, 2D and other molding design efficiently and accurately. Simultaneously CAD / CAM / CAE, ProEngineer and Solidworks UG design software are introduced to improve the design quality and progress. To minimize design errors, actual machining conditions are be taken into account to perform a model flow analysis for product structure. MOLDFLOW software is used to simulate the resin flow in the cavity, provide the mold designer with the best solution and greatly shorten the mold development cycle.
Our engineering and mold-making technology includes:
Two-dimensional graph drawing, as a critical step in the mould making process, contains comprehensive regulations on size, performance, technical requirements of various parts of a mould, which is the basis for testing and process analysis.

Ensure the quality of moulds.

We believe quality begins with mould design capability and consider it to be the key to successful mould making. At Giant Star we have invested in both people and technology to ensure that our designs meet your highest expectations.

Focus, Professional, Technology

Diguang operation complies with ISO9001 instruction and requirements, We use advanced measuring facilities and well-constructed quality control system to control every process of design, production and quality check efficiently. We define quality as total customer satisfaction. After the mould design is over, the CAD data is received the mould is manufactured, moulded, tested and inspected using in-house Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM),electronic height gauge, electronic gauge etc, All of these activities are carried out in our factory to strict quality control guidelines by our experienced staff to ensure they meet our customers' specific requirements.


3D design provides vivid and visual images that two-dimensional design fails. Three-dimensional drawings of the company are drawn by the professional technical staff. The virtual movement of products and moulds can show the performance of moulds and products during the design stage so that the performance can be improved in advance and better moulds and products can be produced; moreover, the three-dimensional drawings greatly shorten the production cycle and create incalculable economic benefits for customers.

Mould Flow

Diguang Mould is good at using mold flow to find the problems at the beginning,and pay attention to them is designing and producing process,work out the solutions,Therefor reduce risk,lower costs,shorten the construction period and improve quality,